Have Questions about the AP Exam? See Our Popular F.A.Q. below

Can I take the AP Exam without taking an AP course?

Yes. In fact, many students choose to self study as it is often more time efficient.

You should make sure you’re ready for the exam by checking out the Books by Subject section of our website.

How many times can I repeat an AP exam?

You can repeat the exams as many times as you want, and you have the option of withholding and cancelling your old scores if you get a better one on the retake.

When do I take the exams?

The exams are usually scheduled for the first week of May.
You can find the schedule for the current year here.

Do I lose points for answering incorrectly or guessing?

Your score for all AP exams is calculated by the number of questions you answer correctly so it is to your advantage to guess on every question you don’t know the answer to.

How much do AP exams cost?

The price of AP exams goes up from time to time, and for the 2015 year you had to pay $91 for every exam that you signed up for.

College Board also provides a fee reduction of $29 for students with financial need, so the final cost of the exam becomes $53. (The school also forgoes its $9 rebate from College Board)

What if I have two exams scheduled on the same day at the same time?

You will have to take one of the exams at a later date.

You can check out the late-testing schedule here.

Can I talk about the material on the exam once I’m done with it?

No. College Board prohibits you from talking about the multiple choice questions, and you are only allowed to discuss free-response questions 48 hours after you complete your exam.

Which colleges offer credit for AP scores?

Many colleges in the US, and even some in other countries offer credit for scores of 3 or higher.

You should check out the website of the specific college you’re planning on going to as some colleges might only give credit for certain subjects if you get a 5.

How do I send my scores to a college?

Colleges and universities only recognize official AP scores sent by College Board so you have to use College Board’s score reporting service to send the scores.

Do all of my scores get sent?

Yes. If you choose to send scores to a college, all of the scores for all AP tests you have ever taken will be sent unless you choose to cancel or withhold your scores(Scroll down to see information on score cancelling or withholding.)

If a college doesn’t give credit for AP scores, is there a point in taking the class?

Yes. Some colleges might not offer credit, but instead they offer advanced placement which means you will be taking higher level classes and skipping the introductory courses at the college.

Taking the exam also helps your college application as admission officers like to see students who take rigorous courses.

What are the AP Scholar Awards?

If you take many AP exams and score well on them, you will receive a certificate from College Board.

The lowest award level is an AP Scholar (3 APs taken, average score 3+), and the highest award level is the National AP scholar. (8+ APs taken, average score 4+)